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Our Witches? House

The house is very well suited to walk from here to the world of the Brocken area, as well as to restore itself thoroughly from such excursions.

So the interested person can confidently get to know Schierke and the surrounding area in order to ensure his recovery after hiking and rice tramps does not need to be afraid of him, for sure Jens Vogel and family guarantee.

After each night, the guest will be rewarded with a rich breakfast, which he will then be able to eat in a cozy atmosphere in our large lounge.
From this our guest has a wonderful panorama view on the Wurmberg.
From our house you can plan and enjoy excursions in the forest and in the village.

Our rooms - here you can feel comfortable ...

With us you can relax and experience the cozy ambience of our house. Our rooms offer modern comfort with shower and WC as a bathroom in your room or as a shower / WC in front of your room. Many rooms have a wonderful panoramic view of the romantic surroundings.

Our individually designed rooms give you a pleasant stay when you enter. When looking out the window, the idyllic surroundings then completely convinced.

We offer you 16 rooms with total 28 beds:

  • 5 single rooms with shower / WC
  • 2 single rooms with shared shower / WC
  • 6 double rooms with shower / WC
  • 1 double room with shared shower / WC
  • 1 multi-bed-room with shower / WC
  • 2 multi-bed-rooms with shared shower / WC
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